Jūn and Wàng Xīn – Ep. 4 – History Repeats, Successful Revenge?

Jūn and Wàng Xīn – Ep. 4 – History Repeats, Successful Revenge?

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Today was the day I met Hóu-Yòu Xià in my previous life. 

Let’s see if it still plays out the same in this life. 

sfx: hia!

sfx: clank

sfx: swish swish swish

sfx: bang

Hóu-Yòu Xià. Are you truly replaying the same trick as before?

Then don’t blame me for taking advantage of it!

sfx: Ah!

sfx: Jia!

Get on, quick!

sfx: whoosh

sfx: bang

sfx: swish

sfx: Jia!

sfx: Flip

It’s you!

Who dares interfere with my plans? If you want to save her that much

then taste this poison dart for me!

sfx: whoosh

sfx: clip clop clip clop

sfx: whoosh

Him again? Why is he here? In my last life, Wǔlín and Hóu-Yòu Xià ganged up and killed my entire clan. 

He must have ulterior motives for saving me this time!

sfx: clip clop clip clop

Wàng-Xīn hereby thanks Shí Gongzi for saving me once again. I hope Gongzi’s wound is not too serious?

It’s only a scratch. Nothing to worry about.

In that case, at this late hour, Wàng-Xīn won’t keep Gongzi for staying too long.

I hope Gongzi the best. Please forgive Wàng-Xīn for not seeing you off.

I must keep an eye out for this man in future. 

It’s a good thing that he saved me today. Otherwise, I may have not been able to contain myself and would have killed Hóu-Yòu Xià. That would not have been a good enough punishment for him. 

Based on today’s event, I know all of Hóu-Yòu Xià’s intentions whereas he knows none of mine. 

In that case, I’ll destroy everything that he ever wanted before killing him. 

That would be the more just revenge. 


Don’t tell me you still remember….

sfx: step

sfx: urgh

sfx: dong

<<Yue-Lai Inn>>

To be continued…..