Jūn and Wàng Xīn – Ep. 1 – The Rights and Wrongs within the Palace

Considering how long it took me to scanlate Kirai, I’m not really keen to start any new project.

Having said that, I do enjoy translating so from time to time, I’ll be posting up translations on any comics/mangas/webtoons I happen to come across.

At the moment, I’ve been invested on a number of Chinese webtoons. I’ve decided to put up translations for the following webtoon – 君與望心 – Jūn and Wàng-Xīn.

This is going to be quite a challenge for me as all the Chinese palace terminologies are going to be PRETTY INTERESTING to translate but oh well. I’ll give it a stab.


The only daughter of Yún-Jiàn Manor, Wàng-Xīn Lù fell in love and married Prince Hóu-Yòu Xià. However,  as soon as Hóu-Yòu Xià was crowned Emperor, he banished Wàng-Xīn into the cold palace* and executed her entire clan. After losing all hope, Wàng-Xīn is unexpectedly transported back in time. Having been granted a second chance in life, Wàng-Xīn begins her journey of revenge……

*Whenever a concubine falls out of favour, the Chinese Emperor will banish them into what’s called “the cold palace”. It’s basically a section in the palace where they put all the banished concubines and they live there, essentially as prisoners, for the rest of their lives. 

Comment around the Title

I had a bit of trouble translating the title. The word, Jūn (君), in Chinese, can mean a noble person, gentleman or even the ruler. Once you start reading the story, you realise the title has a double meaning. I didn’t really want to translate this literally as it’ll mix in my own interpretation of the story so I left it as is.


Raw link to the episode – http://www.kuaikanmanhua.com/web/comic/12549/

NOTE: The webtoon is read from left to right. Names are following English customs e.g. First name followed by last name.

Hóu-Yòu Xià,

are you really so heartless?

Do you really hold no more affection from our time together?

By the mandate of heaven, the Emperor decrees.

Qǐ-Huái of Shí family, virtuous and kind-hearted, suitable as a motherly model of the nation,

is hereby, on this sacred ground of the royal family temple, crowned Empress of the nation.

By royal decree of the Emperor.

May the Emperor prosper for ten thousand years!

May the Empress prosper for a thousand years!

sfx: creak

Can Niang-niang* hear the commotion from outside?

*Title used by servants when addressing concubines

After all, today is the Empress’ coronation ceremony.


If Qǐ-Huái Shí is the Empress, then what am I?

Lù Liú!

Has běngōng* ever mistreated you?

*The pronoun used by any of the concubines when referring to themselves to people of lower rank. 

Of course not, Niang-niang, and that’s why Núcái* is here to deliver you the message.

*Pronoun used by servants within the Palace. Can be translated as “this humble servant” but that just sounds weird in English. 

For stealing palace treasure and disobeying the Emperor,

the clan of Yún-Jiàn Manor have all been executed last night.

Lù Liú! Such insolence!

How dare you spout such nonsense!

Oh dear, Núcái does not have the courage to spout nonsense.

These were the Emperor’s exact orders.

Then what about my mother and father?

Apparently, not even a dog were able to leave the manor alive,

let alone its Lord and their Mistress.


The Emperor would never do such a thing!

He promised me!

I want to see the Emperor!

Núcái’s advice for you is to give up.

Now that you’ve entered the cold palace, it is impossible for you to ever see the Emperor again.

Instead, as it has not been long since your parents have “left”, you may as well reunite with them as quickly as possible.

Don’t wait till Núcái has to help you get on your way.

Ha! Now that I think about it, it is ludicrous.

How stupid was I, to still believe in Hóu-Yòu Xià this whole time!

If he still remembered his promises, he would not have banished me to the cold palace in the first place…..

Mother, father. Your daughter has been unfilial.

If I had listened to you at the time, we would not be where we are today.

What face do I have left to continue living in this world?

Hóu-Yòu Xià. If there is a next life,

I will return all the pain you have inflicted upon me in double!

Mother. Father. Your daughter is coming now to ask for your forgiveness!


What would you do if you were betrayed by the person you love?

A: Forgive him/her and give them another chance.

B: Unforgivable. I will leave them.

C: Will not forgive him/her. I’ll also kick them in the nuts.*

*Yes, that’s what it says :p