Jūn and Wàng Xīn – Ep. 3 – Suicide by throwing oneself into the well due to the unbearable torture

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Episode 3

sfx: gulu

sfx: gulu

Where…am I?

Is this not my room back at Yún-Jiàn Manor?

Have I died?

Is this a dream? This is how I looked like in the past. 

How is this possible?

Miss, you are finally awake!


She should be dead long ago by the hands of Qí Huái Shí?


Is this the afterlife?

What afterlife? Has Miss slept too long and gotten confused? This is your room!

Did I not…..die?

Miss, why are you cursing yourself?

Yesterday, you wanted to play a bit too much and slipped into the pond. Luckily, Gongzi Shí, who was visiting the manor, saved you.


The doctor has already diagnosed you and said you only caught a small cold.

I did not die? Then what about mother and father?

Miss, please eat your medicine first. I will report to the Master and Madam right now.

Wait, Huì-er! How old are you this year?

Huh? Has Miss forgotten? I am the same age as you.

I just turned 16.

Mother, father. Did I return?


My dear daughter. You’re finally awake.

I have been so worried about you. All thanks to Wǔlín’s Shí Gongzi for saving you.

One of these days, we must visit them and thank him properly.

Mother, father.

Then what about Hóu-Yòu Xià? Is he posing any threat to Yún-Jiàn Manor?

What Hóu-Yòu Xià?

I just turned 16. I probably have yet to meet Hóu-Yòu Xià. 

Wàng-Xīn. You have yet to recover completely. You must rest a few more days.

Did I, come back from the dead? 

Is the well in the palace the fabled well that will rebirth and return people back in time?

Thank the heavens for having eyes,

allowing me to return before meeting Hóu-Yòu Xià, giving me a chance to avenge myself.

Man proposes but God disposes!

Hóu-Yòu Xià

You want the throne and  Yún-Jiàn Manor’s Chì Xiāo Sword? Come and get it!

I will have you repay in this life the betrayal I suffered in my previous life, 

blood for blood. 

Gongzi Shí

The man in the dream??

Yún-Jiàn Manor’s Wàng-Xīn Lù,

hereby thank Gongzi Shí for saving my life.

To be continued….